Prospective Owner Questionnaire

Have you trained a dog before? Will you have time and provide the effort to give the dog the obedience training it needs, and deserves, to be a positive part of the family?

What gender of Welsh Terrier would you prefer?
No PreferenceMaleFemale

What age of Welsh Terrier are you interested in?
PuppyOlder Pup or Young AdultOlder Dog or Retired Champion

Are you interested in participating in any of the following activities with your dog? These aren't requirements, but may help us provide a better match with a potential owner.
Conformation (Dog Shows)Nose WorkBarn HuntEarthdogAgilityRally-O or ObedienceTherapy DogLure CoursingDock DivingCompanionBreeding

Have you ever or would you consider breeding your Welsh Terrier?

Are you familiar with the grooming requirements for a Welsh Terrier and would you be doing this grooming yourself?
Not yetYes, will use a groomerYes, will do myself

We accept responsibility for the dogs we breed for their lifetime. Are you willing to sign an agreement specifying that you will return your dog to Darwyn for rehoming if you are unable to keep him?