Below are products that we use, like and would purchase again.

Over the years we have tried many different products, some work better than others.  None of these products are sponsored – no manufacturer or retailer has given us any products or any other compensation for these items.


  • “JUMP TPR Squeaky Stick” from Bosley’s and PetValu
    (this is one of the favorites here, durable, interesting for the dogs and it is reasonably priced)
  • “Chuck-it Ultraball in size small”
    This ball has proven to be virtually indestructible, it’s a nice size for a Welsh mouth and very chewy consistency. It also floats. Overal, it’s inexpensive and a proven favorite with the dogs.  Another BONUS is that it doesn’t have the nasty affect on teeth that tennis balls have.  The fuzz on tennis balls are proven to wear down the front teeth.





We highly encourage people to feed their Welsh Terriers high quality foods that are NOT too high in protein levels. Specifically, we use blends here that are less than 30% protein, and most of the foods are less than 25% protein. This is for both puppies and senior dogs. For puppies, we feed high quality adult kibble.

Here are the brands that we are currently feeding, as of Sept 2018:

    • This veterinary-exclusive dry formula was designed especially for canines with food sensitivities.
    • Can reduce skin and GI reactions caused by common proteins in dog food
    • Uses a special process to make proteins smaller so they don’t trigger an immune response
  • Coconut Oil
    (used as a supplement, we get ours from Costco)
  • Salmon Oil

(used as a supplement, we get ours from Costco)



  • De-Shedding Tools (for raking out the undercoat);we used to recommend the Andis Fine Toothed De-Shedding Rake, but that appears to have been discontinued.  Hope it comes back one day!
  • Nail Clippers
    (this one has worked very well for me, but make sure you have some quick-stop on hand just in case you cut the quick)
  • Ear Cleaner that we use
    (home-made recipe, but used for decades … but note, now use this but without the gentian violet)


Other great items used here: