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Mickey's Grandsire JOE - top winning Welsh Terrier in Canadian history
MBIS & MBISS GCh (AKC) & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That
Photo by Derek Glas)
Who is Darwyn?

Darwyn, dedicated to the preservation and heritage of the Welsh Terrier. 

We are located in Western Canada near Vancouver.  We compete primarily in Canada and the US, however have extensive relationships around the world.  Some of the countries that we had top award winners include Canada, US, England, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, Brazil.

Our breeding is done with a focus on preserving the breed's unique characteristics, with healthy, sound and home raised puppies.  We are very selective as to whom we work closely with as we see their efforts as an extension of our own.  When you see a Darwyn bred puppy, you can be confident that a lot of thought and consideration, in addition to love and attention, has gone into that dog.

Foundation Dogs:
Larisa's foundation bitch was imported from the well-known Saredon Terriers of England in 1999.  Crufts Best in Show Winner and English Supreme Champion Saredon Forever Young sired our initial foundation bitch "Honey".  Honey, finished her American and Canadian Championships quickly and was Canada's #1 Welsh Terrier for 1999.  She was the first, of many, that became Canada's top Welsh Terrier over the years for Darwyn.  We are proud to have had many top awards in our country, in the US, and around the world, on a large number of Welsh Terriers.

We love puppies and seeing them do well with people that get our dogs - both companion pet homes and appropriate show homes.  We raise each of our puppies as if they will be our own companion pet, as well as our next Best in Show winner. 

To do our best to ensure our next generation comes from dogs that are living happy and enriched lives, we sometimes choose to partner with some great pet owners that have retired show dogs of ours, some of whom come back here to have a litter or two.  These dogs get to live wonderful companion pet lives where they don't have to share the attention, people get special dogs earlier in their life, and wondeful experiences and friendships have developed.  Some of our pet owners have become friends with each other, developing their own social communities.

Larisa is devoted to the breed and is very active with the US Breed Club, Welsh Terrier Club of America.  For years, she has taken a leadership role on new and developing health tests and information.  With this interest, she developed a health questionaire that is publically available for any Welsh Terrier owner to fill out for their dog, and volunteers her time to summarize this information for the club.

Both Michael and Larisa focus on excellence in everything in our lives (university education, careers, relationships, etc).  For the dogs, this is seen in our research, our breeding, raising of the puppies and dogs, in our presentation in the show ring, in our committment to our puppy owners, breed seminars for judges, and to the important task of being a guardian of the breed for generations to come.

While the perfect conformation dog will never exist, we still try.  I breed only very good welsh terriers to other great examples of the breed -- temperament, how well they conform to the written breed standard, health & appropriate health testing, combined with a vast information on pedigrees.  I have gone to dozens of seminars and read books on this subject to only learn that there is so much more still to learn!

And, we try to have fun here with our dogs - this is seen in the many pictures and videos I have posted over the years on my personal Facebook page.

At the time of this writing (Sep 26, 2019); we have:

  • 47 Welsh Terrier Champions, 41 which were bred by us here at Darwyn
  • 29 Welsh Terriers that are ALSO US/AKC champions (keep in mind that I live in Canada and my main focus is my home country)
  • 7 AKC (USA) Grand CH
  • 1 AKC (USA) SILVER Grand CH
  • 3 AKC (USA) Bronze Grand CH
  • 18 Terrier and/or Welsh Terrier Regional Breed Club Specialty Winners
  • 17 different welsh terriers that were Winners Dog/Bitch (or higher) at the Welsh Terrier Club of America (WTCA) Specialty on Montgomery Weekend, or a floating national of the WTCA
  • 1 CC (Championship Certificate) in England!
  • 4 Chase Ability titled Welsh Terriers (one of them is also a Best in Show winner and has her Barn Hunt titles.... pretty, fast! and hunting instinct proven!)
  • 3 Sprinter Titled Welsh Terriers -- clocking 38 km/hr!  Plus 1 is BCAT titled in the US.
  • Trick Dog Expert and CGC titled Welsh Terrier and 3 Barn Hunt titled WTs
  • 18 different Welsh Terriers that are Terrier Group Winners
  • 5 different Welsh Terriers that are Multiple all-breed Best in Show winners
  • The top winning Welsh Terrier in Canadian history (Joe!)
  • #1 Welsh Terrier in Canada: 1999 (our first Welsh Terrier!), 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017!
  • #1 Welsh Terrier in the US: 2009

Puppy Maria with Larisa at home (2013)
Now:  Am GCh & Can CH Darwyn's Santa Maria
While Facebook seems to catch my immediate attention these days (past few years!) on posting fun photos - I will try to update my BLOG periodically


Enjoy and connect with me if you have any questions! 


Thank you for visiting.

Website updates:

Sep 26, 2019:  Chanté is Darwyn's 28th AKC CH!  As well as titled in Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, CGC.  I updated her page with show photos, titles and a slide show with lot's of fun photos!
Sep 18, 2019:  New Page - Sprinter / Chase Ability / FastCAT .... Lure Coursing Events for all-breeds
Oct 29, 2018:  2019 Calendar Available
Oct 25, 2018:  Zora's qualifying run in the "Chase Ability" event (similar to Lure Coursing)
Oct 25, 2018:  Updated Zora's web page
Sep 8, 2018:  New page - products we like and use here at Darwyn

Aug 1, 2018:    Bruce (Mickey son) is awarded a CC (Championship Certificate) at the Leeds July 2018 Championship Show in England! This is in addition to his 2 RCCs! ALSO - both RCC winners at the Leeds show were Bruce sired offspring - WOW!

Jul 31, 2018:  Morgana (Mickey x Zora daughter) is awarded 2 Best Puppy in Group awards!

Jan 1, 2018:    Zora adds 2 US BARN HUNT titles to her name - RATI and RATN

Jan 1, 2018:    Chanté adds 2 US BARN HUNT titles to her name - RATI and RATN

Nov 6, 2014:    Health Page updated (click here).  This includes a link to the new on-line Health & Death Incident Report by the WTCA (click here).