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We are serious about the breed in conformation, health, and temperament.


We have been recognized with many Welsh Terrier Club of America awards over the years.  This is significant since we have a relatively small breeding and showing program, and do most of our showing in Canada, not the US.  We have also been fortunate to have had many winners at the American National Specialties, and other prominent US shows.


In our home country of Canada, many of the top Welsh Terriers shown are Darwyn bred, or owned, since I started in 1999.


Genetics and early rearing affect health and temperament, however, food, environment and guidance are also significant factors.

We do our best to use the knowledge from research and listening to owners.  We do extensive health and DNA testing, and keep copious notes on our dogs that we breed, and the puppies that we produce.  There are no guarantees (don’t let any breeder mislead you and suggest there are) — any dog, of any breed, can get any thing, but we strive to minimize any issues.

We stand behind the dogs that we breed and sell.


We strive to produce the best quality dogs, raised in our home.


Genetics are important, however, how puppies are raised is critical.  Through a scientific and hands-on approach, we provide our puppies with what they need to ensure the best outcome for them.   We are always trying to improve, and incorporate new insights  as we learn them.  The ‘Puppy Culture’ protocols, as well as all we have learned raising Welsh Terriers, make a significant difference later on.


The critical time for puppy development is the first 12 weeks – everything done in this time can have long-term effects.  Puppies continue to learn, but this is the most important time period.  New owners must continue from the base work started here, and provide appropriate guidance and training to have the best family member for many years to come.  The learning, both for them and the people, never stops.


We have always provided owners with the opportunity to connect directly with each other.  Some have been casual friendships to share stories.  Some have developed long-lasting friendships.  For those that do, it’s lovely to see the caring and knowledgeable community that has built up.

Best of Breed was my Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners (Darwyn’s Webslinger, Parker):  I couldn’t take my eyes off the Winners Dog.  He is so Welshie.  Great Type.  I liked his proportions and size.  He never let down and certainly had the ‘Here I am World, look at me’ attitude.  I had a wonderful line-up of welsh, but this Welsh was a stand out for me.”

– Ruth Prehn (Ledgerock Welsh Terriers), WTCA National Specialty 2009 Judge’s Critique

Montgomery Weekend

Over the years, we have had FIFTEEN Welsh Terriers that have won WINNERS or HIGHER on the MCKC weekend of shows.  These include Morris & Essex, Hatboro, Devon and Montgomery,  where the Welsh Terrier Club of America (WTCA) National Specialty is held every year!  Here are just 4 of those recent 15 different WTs.


Best in Show Wins!


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American Champion WT’s


Different MCKC w/e & WTCA Floating Nat’l Winners


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