Chase Ability — Sprinters — FastCAT — Coursing Ability

Lure Coursing events were traditionally a sport for sight hounds.  Given the widespread interest, similar events were created by both the CKC and AKC, available to any breed to attend. This is now becoming one of the more popular dog sports. They are enjoyed by those that love the thrill of the chase — Welsh Terriers, naturally, love it!

In 2018, we tried it ourselves and discovered this wonderful sport, and experienced how much fun the dogs had.  Being CKC and AKC events, there are also official performance titles.  We’ve always known our breed are natural born sprinters, but this sport allowed us to confirm how fast they really are.  They are incredibly fast!  A couple of ours have clocked 37 km/hr!

We have are the first titled Welsh Terriers in Canada in these events!

Next time you open a door, or gate, think about just how fast these guys can take off (30+ km/hr ….20+ mph) for the first 100 meters or yards!

37 km/hr

Sprinter event for Robbie

38 km/hr

Sprinter event for Ava

36 km/hr

FastCAT event for Maya

37 km/hr

Sprinter event for Zora

Here are some photos of our dogs at these events:

Zora's qualifying 600 meter (650 yard) Chase Ability run!

Our beginning in the sport

Some friends that I knew through the conformation world did this, and were strong advocates for it.  I saw their enthusiasm, and decided that if their Min Pins could do this, than so could my Welsh Terrier show dogs.

I was cautious, but willing to try.

What if they took off?  What if I couldn’t catch them?  What if they didn’t run after the bag?  I discovered that it was no problem and the other attendees are very supportive.

We have the First Titled Welsh Terriers in Canada in Chase Ability and Sprinters!

I chose to bring only one dog to the first event that I attended.   I needed to get more comfortable with the process.  I chose a dog that has, Ok? recall. And, if she didn’t come back, she’d be happy to go visit anyone with a treat or ball.  I had a back-up plan, I lined up a few people to help catch her, if I could not.  The local club, Western Gazehound Club, are great people that are patient, willing to help, and eager to see dogs have success.

Zora did awesome at that first trial weekend! She ran at full speed, the full 600 meters!  She even let me leash her up at the finish line. She did that 4 times that weekend, running flat-out. She had SO MUCH FUN! She made me an immediate believer and, like my Min Pin friend, I became a vocal advocate for the sport of CHASE!

Zora easily got her first title that weekend for Chase Ability (CA).

6 months later I attended another ‘CKC Chase Ability’ trial weekend (there are not that many put on each year where I live). This time I brought 3 Welsh Terriers, and one of my pet owners brought her WT girl. All of the dogs again had SO much fun! The people did too.  I got over my fear that weekend of having to run after my dogs to leash them up.  It did happen, but, it was all OK, and I am not too embarrassed about it because it happened to a few other people also.

Since then, I have attended a few ‘CKC Sprinter’ trial weekends and some ‘AKC FastCAT’ trial weekends. The Sprinter trials are a timed 100 meter dash. The US version (AKC FastCAT) is a timed 100 yard dash.

We now have a few Novice Sprinter titled Welsh Terriers, a BCAT (the FastCAT) titled Welsh Terrier and a few CKC Chase Ability (CA) titled Welsh Terriers.  In fact, the first titled Welsh Terriers in Canada, are ours, and they are conformation champions also!

The bottom line….
Our breed LOVES this sport and they do very well! Interestingly, a couple of our Welsh Terriers consistently ran 36 and 37 km per hour — that’s almost 23 miles per hour!

Darwyn Welsh Terriers with a Lure Coursing Title (Aug/2020):

  • Robbie (Can GCH Darwyn’s Trail Blazer; CA, NS): Chase Ability and Novice Sprinter and part way to FastCAT BCAT, running 37 km/hr in Sprinter!
  • Ava (Can CH Darwyn’s Avant Garde; CA, NS, BCAT): Chase Ability and Novice Sprinter and FastCAT BCAT; running 38 km/hr in Sprinter!
  • Filly (Darwyn’s Flying Filly, owned by Laurie in BC): Chase Ability and Novice Sprinter; running 31 km/hr in Sprinter!
  • Zora (BIS Can/Am CH Zora Darwyn vom Granitfelsen): Chase Ability and part way to Novice Sprinter; running 37 km/hr in Sprinter!
  • Chanté (Am CH Darwyn’s Enchanté; RATN, CGC, TKP, BCAT);  owned by Lisa in S. California):  Chanté ran just over 20 miles / hour in the 100 yard sprint FastCAT trials in 2020!
  • Kuri (Darwyn’s Sakura, owned by Sylvi in BC): Part way to Novice Sprinter; running 32 km/hr in Sprinter
  • Maya (Darwyn’s Southern Charm; BCAT, owned by Annette in NC, USA). In 2019, Maya was recorded to average 22.31 MPH and was the 2nd fastest Welsh Terrier in the sport for 2019.
  • Morgana (American and Canadian CH Darwyn’s Morgana le Fay): Part way to Chase Ability
  • Chloe (Darwyn’s Morningstar; NS): Novice Sprinter; running 37 km/hr in Sprinter!

Welsh Terrier Zora with her ‘Chase Ability’ title, the 600 meter run, with owner, Larisa Hotchin