Conformation Show Results!

This page is a collection of conformation show results.  It mostly relates to Welsh Terriers, but in some cases, I have included some of my favorite links that I like to look at every once in a while, so I thought that I would share those also.  If you have any other suggestions please send me a note on my contact page!

CANADA - Dog Show Results

Best Dog in Canada:  Terrier Group Statistics     (2009 results)

Best Dog in Canada:  Welsh Terrier Statistics     (2009 results)

CanuckDogs (specific shows - premium lists, judging schedules, results at the group level)

CanuckDogs (showtime statistics); includes pictures where provided

BC All Terrier Club    -    2009 Specialty Show Results

NOTE:  In Canada, every show has a "Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show", these awards do NOT go towards top dog points (just accolades :-) and are noted as BPIG and BPIS.

US - Dog Show Results

Canine Chronicle    -    Welsh Terrier (all-breed statistics); current year

Canine Chronicle    -    Welsh Terrier (breed level statistics); current year

Welsh Terrier Club of America National Specialties

InfoDog                -    Specific shows, with breed level details, that MBF manages

Montgomery County KC    -    2009 Show (Welsh Terrier) Results

Jack Onofrio        -    Specific shows, with breed level details, that Onofrio manages

Jack Bradshaw    -    Specific shows, with breed level details, that Bradshaw manages



Dog Show Poop    -    One of my favorite blogs! This one is focused on the top dogs in the US (Best in Show and Group Winners) ... the author, a Terrier man, seems very objective, and provides interesting tid-bits about the dogs and the shows.

This site was launched recently (early 2010?), is always current and provides Group 1, 2, 3, 4 and BIS for all of the AKC shows!  It is updated with a lot of the information on the same day of the show and is each to go back in time.  It is a 'go to' site for me!