Am. BISS and Canadian Grand Champion Darwyn’s Trail Blazer

Performance Titles:  Scent Detection Novice (SDN); Novice Sprinter (NS); Chase Ability (CA)
Canada’s #1 Welsh Terrier for 2019 and 2020

DOB:  November 2017

  • #1 Welsh Terrier in Canada for 2019 and 2020. His daughter, Chloe achieved this honor for 2021.
  • Multiple Group 1st Winner
  • Best of Winners on Montgomery Weekend 2019 (5-point major!), from the Bred-By class! Judge, Harold Tatro (pictured), well known terrier breeder
  • R. Winners Dog at Hatboro 2019, from the Bred-By class; Judge, Mareth Kipp, well known Airedale breeder
  • Canadian championship with multiple group placements (from the classes)
  • BOB at a US Regional Welsh Terrier Breed Specialty
  • Multiple Group 1st and Reserve Best in Show wins in the AKC NOHS (National Owner-Handler Series)
  • Sire of 2 Group Winning Welsh Terriers!

Health Clearances

CHIC (2 years old) through OFA – 146518
PLL DNA – clear/normal;  DM DNA – clear/normal;  Hips – Good; Cardiac – normal;  Patella – normal; Thyroid – normal; OFA Eye Certification (2 years old) – normal

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Sire & Dam

26 Group Placements!
Plus more in AKC – National Owner Handler Series (NOHS) and Bred-By Groups

Some Photos of Robbie

CKC Grand Championship



Robbie does Lure Coursing!

For the dogs that live with us, we try to get them involved in things they enjoy, and do things that help enrich their life, beyond the basics of love, care and attention.  Welsh Terriers love to chase things, and are fast!  They truly enjoy this and you see it every day, whether this is fetching a ball, running in a yard, or playing ‘chase-me’ around the coffee table.  There are now official events that are built on the foundation of traditional sight-hound lure coursing, but are available for any breed.  These events are now so popular that it can be difficult to get into a local event now.  Both the CKC and AKC offer events.

Robbie has participated in all of these events, and has multiple titles.

  • Sprinter; Canada’s timed 100-meter dash;
  • Chase Ability; Canada’s 600 meter run (300 meters for small dogs);
  • FastCAT; AKC’s (US) timed 100-yard dash;
  • Coursing Ability; AKC’s (US) 600-yard run

In Canada, Robbie ran 37 km/hour in the Sprinter event!  That is 9.8 seconds to do the 100 meter dash!

It might only be a plastic bag that these guys are chasing in these events, but they are crazy fast when their prey drive kicks in.

Robbie has Scent Detection Titles!

Robbie is one of Canada’s first CKC Scent Detection Titled Welsh Terriers.  He and his daughter, Chloe, obtained their SDN titles in July 2021.

I first discovered Nose Work Training when Robbie was less than a year old.  At that time, I trained both him and Morgana.  Since then, I have trained a number of our Welsh Terriers in this sport, and encouraged a number of our companion (and show) owners, to try this.  This is definitely something that Welsh Terriers excel at, and they prove time and again, to love problem solving using their scenting abilities.

At age 4.5 years of age, I continue to go to some “Continuing Odor” classes with Robbie, to increase his skills (and mine).  It’s an enjoyable activity, that is focused on what the dogs get significant pleasure in doing.

My trainer, Brenda Cox, is NACSW certified and competes at the Elite level with multiple dogs of her own.

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Some of Robbie's Certificates

CKC Grand Champion Title
CKC Champion Title
CKC Chase Ability Title
CKC Novice Sprinter Title
AKC - NOHS 2019 - #3 Welsh Terrier