Darwyn’s Tawny Tangerine (aka TANGIE) was awarded Terrier Group First in AKC’s Aug/2020 Virtual Top Dog Challenge!

Tangie is owned and conditioned by Caitlyn Schliefer, of California.  Caitlyn and her family have owned a few Welsh Terriers over the years, but Tangie is her first show dog.  Also, Caitlyn has been hand-stripping terriers for a few years now, but Tangie is her first dog that she is learning to condition for the show ring.  When Tangie isn’t at Caitlyn’s LTP Grooming Shop in Oakland, she is Caitlyn’s 3 year old son’s best friend at home.

There are very few dog shows available in many parts of the US during 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Virtual shows, like this one, are useful, especially for newcomers to conformation shows.

The Terrier Group judge for this show is a very well respected Terrier expert, and AKC judge, Mr. Wood Wornall.  We thank him very much for this 1st place award.

Tangie already has one major award towards her AKC Championship.  That got put on hold due to the pandemic.  She is a daughter of 2 Darwyn Welsh – Robbie (Canadian Grand CH Darwyn’s Trail Blazer; CA, NS) and Zelda (American and Canadian CH Darwyn’s Twilight Princess), both of whom have had recognized wins in the US show ring.

Michael and Larisa are proud of the condition that Caitlyn has presented Tangie in.  We are very happy that she has fit into their family and we wish Caitlyn all the best for the future.  I am very happy to mentor her.  She is certainly putting in significant effort for someone that is brand new.  We hope that her passion for the breed continues for many years.

What a nice win Caitlyn – way to go!