Both Elsa and Walter were awarded top honors at their first two shows back since the Covid-19 Pandemic started.  Both bred here in Canada by Darwyn and co-owned with their owner, Inga Hyldahl.

~  Elsa  ~
B.I.S. Darwyn Dare to Dream Danwelsh

Owner – Groomer – Handler:  Inga Hyldahl (Danwelsh, Denmark)
Breeder and Co-Owner:  Larisa Hotchin (Darwyn, Canada)

Sire:  Canadian Grand CH  (& Best of Winners on Montgomery weekend USA) Darwyn’s Trail Blazer; NS, CA, RATI (Robbie)
Dam:  American & Canadian CH Darwyn’s Twilight Princess (Zelda)

Jacob and Inga Hyldahl own two Darwyn bred Welsh Terriers, Elsa (above) and Walter (Denmark CH Darwyn’s Walter the Viking).  Walter is a litter brother to Morgana, our girl who finished her US CH on Montgomery weekend 2019.  Walter achieved his Danish CH in 2019 (dogs need to be over 2 years old before they can get this title).  Both Walter & Elsa have done very well in the show ring, each with multiple top awards.  We are very proud of how our dogs are representing the breed with Inga presenting them beautifully.

BOTH of these dogs were provided top awards at their first two shows back since the Covid-19 Pandemic started.  Way to go Elsa, Walter and Inga!

The first one, a large Terrier Specialty in early September – Elsa was awarded BEST IN SHOW, and Walter was awarded BEST of the Best Opposite Sex in Show!

At the second show held 2 weeks later, Elsa was awarded Best in Show – 2 (in Canada, we call it Reserve Best in Show), and again, Walter was awarded BEST of the Best Opposite Sex in Show!

This is for all of the breeds shown at the show – not just Welsh Terriers.

The Scandinavian Countries, including Denmark, are known to be strong in their dog breeding, and their terrier competition specifically.  They not only have high quality dogs of their various breeds, but also strong in numbers (much higher number of terriers shown than Canada, and higher numbers than many US shows).  It has been this way for many years, with terriers of many breeds from these countries doing very well all around the world.  As an aside, some of the best handstripping knives are handmade in Denmark (I am lucky to own a couple).  When Inga informs me that she is going to a show, I go to bed feeling like I am holding my breath in anticipation, and it is the first message I look for in the  morning (Denmark is 9 hours ahead of us here in Vancouver, BC).

Denmark is also advanced in their show results.  They are usually available online at the end of the show day.  This includes the written critiques for each of their winners in each breed.  Reading judges interpretations of the dogs that I have bred, and seeing the many wonderful and specific comments, makes me so happy.  Sometimes this is in English, while other times it is in Danish.  Unfortunately (for me) the written critique on Elsa’s BIS win is written in Danish this time (here is one and here is a link to the other)

Much appreciation to the Terrier Specialty judge, Mr. Alex Krasilnikov, for such wonderful comments, and awards.  It is my understanding that he is a long-time Welsh Terrier breeder, and before him, his father was also.  To be awarded so highly by long time breed specialists is very rewarding.  Thank you very much.

Here are Walter and Elsa!

CH Darwyn's Walter the Viking (Left) & BIS Darwyn Dare to Dream Danwelsh (Right)
Elsa (Darwyn Dare to Dream Danwelsh) with Inga Hyldahl