Haley has a new family!


If you want to see Haley's background, than please click here.  Haley's life Part I!

Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Haley with Bob before they left our home for her new life - 
she's very comfortable in his lap already!

This page is dedicated to her experiences in her new home and family.  After 5 wonderful years, and being a mom to 3 terrific litters of puppies, and with a terrific family available - it was time for Haley to move on to part II of her life.  Bob & Josie were referred to us from  Becky's owners.  Bob & Josie waited a couple of years for the right dog - and that I can say that Haley is very lucky that she was the one!  We expect to get many years of wonderful stories and pictures, for now they have provided a couple of pictures and a story of her settling in when they first got home, and one from a few weeks later.  Clearly she fills a spot in both their home and their heart!

She's finally arrived!

Written by Bob & Josie, November 2009

Haley is settling in very well, and is quite affectionate. At first she didn't seem interested in her food, but after the 6km hike around Westwood park, she got her appetite back!  Josie has been giving her some chicken tender treats, from time to time, and we mix some of the Holistic meat (chicken & lamb) with the Go Chicken kibble, and she is a happy dog. 

Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Haley checking out her new pet bed!

She plays very enthusiastically with her toys, and a rubber ball, and I watch in amazement when she stretches in the morning -- fully extends one hind leg, then the other -- just like yoga!

Our balcony is turning out to be very convenient for a quick fresh air break--when she barks at something outside, I just open the door and she roars out and runs up and down (its about 80 feet long) barking, then stands at the far end and then comes back in looking very satisfied.

She also loves the backyard and races around sniffing everything, doing her business here and there, and after a while I open the door and she roars in and up the stairs 2 or 3 at a time. I towel her down and she seems happy. It has been quite rainy here, off and on, all week actually. We got her a jacket and "jammas' at PetsMart, and she seems to love the jammas. She loves lots of pillows too.

If it is clearer today, we'll do Westwood again.

We got a nice nylon adjustable collar and 6 foot leash, which is perfect size for walking. I let her get way in front when we are alone, but shorten up when we meet people and dogs. Haley is a very good walker.

She only pulls when exploring an interesting smell, and will walk easily beside me if pull her short. We had no problem with other dogs--but some of the dogs can be large, and not everyone has them on leads. So I keep her close to me.

I love watching TV with her. She jumps in my lap and starts out crosswise. After a half an hour, she is lengthwise, her head near my shoulder and lying along my arm and the arm of the chair, sound asleep.

She looks so comfortable I'm always sorry to disturb her.

Take care.

We'll keep you posted.

Bob & Josie


She's definitely settled in.

Written by Bob (owner); early December 2009 (2 weeks in)

Haley and I have been doing our hikes every day (either 3 or 6km, depending on the weather). Haley met a lot of interesting people and dogs doing the same thing.  I've noticed that Haley loves sniffing the interesting smells--usually trees--and sometimes kicks into 4 leg overdrive if she catches the aroma of something really interesting in the woods. I wouldn't take her anywhere without a leash--she just bolts if she sees something of interest.

I have decided to get a doggy seat belt.  The first one was too large and she was out of it a millisecond.  I went back in the store and got the small size.  I thought I had it tight, but she did a somersault and was out of it in no time!  So I made the straps tighter and it has held up so far.  She hated it at first, but now she accepts it as necessary for her outings.  It works good--she can sit and lie down and move a little bit.  It is good for hiking too because if she lunges ahead, the harness takes the strain and doesn't choke her neck.

We tried the raw chicken wings this week, and Haley loves it.  We give her one with her dinner and then a couple of days later another one.

We have decided on a local vet - a practice that is a husband-wife vet team, that have been in business for many years (and recommended from Becky's owners).  

Well that's our news.  I haven't forgotten the pictures, but it will be a while yet.

Haley seems really happy here and loves exploring the back yard, off leash.  And we love her.  She is very affectionate.



NOTE FROM LARISA HOTCHIN ... we get asked all of the time how we can place dogs that live with us as part of our family.  It's hard to see them go - yes.  But, it's stories like the above why Michael and I are not sad when it's time for a dog to move on to their new family ... when we can be choosy and have great owners, which many also become friends, we are so happy for the dog ... it's a very nice feeling as a breeder when you make other people as happy as you were with the dog, or puppy. 


NOW - go and hug your dog and take them out into the yard, throw a ball or take them for a walk ... or cuddle on the couch!  Enjoy the time with them.