Introducing Peggy and Dylan!

Darwyn Hotspur aka "Dylan"

Jul 29, 2003 - Jul 28, 2015

(A Tessa son - or click here for Tessa's retirement home)

Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan doing agility tunnel
Dylan is ...
- The Welsh Terrier with the most titles in Canadian History -- 43 titles in various performance sports including agility, obedience, rally-o, CGN, earthdog

- The first Welsh Terrier invited to the Agility Nationals (AAC), and at 9 years of age in 2012, he placed 15th
(Click here for Emma's write-up on Dylan and Peggy's experience at this top agility event)

-Done almost everything except for conformation (which I am sure he would have been awarded his championship also) ... Obedience (even Utility level, top level), Rally-O, Agility (top levels!), Earthdog, Canine Good Neighbor - and a wonderful life companion

Dylan's full name:

U-CDX Darwyn Hotspur CDX, RE, RX, AgX, AgXJ, ExSt Bronze, ExJ Bronze, MSCDC, MSDC, MTRDC, MADC, MJDC, AGDC, ISDs, RL3, CRN, CRX-MCL, MCL, JE, CGN

AND 1st leg of UTILITY

Dylan is also the #1 Obedience Welsh Terrier in Canada for each of the following years:  2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

WOW ! ! ! !
And what the titles mean:
  • CDX = Companion Dog Excellent
    (official obedience titles from the UKC and CKC respectively)
  • R titles are for Rally O, CKC & APDT
  • A titles are for Agility
    (2 EXCELLENT levels from CKC, and the MADC is a Masters title from AAC, one is Jumpers and the AGDC is a games title from the AAC)
  • ISDs = agility title from the UK International organziation
  • JE = Junior Earthdog
  • CGN = Canine Good Neighbor

Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan doing agility tire jump Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan doing agility - weave poles Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan doing agility - weave poles

*Earthdog: There is an active Earthdog group in the Lower Mainland area of BC (link here)

National Agility Championship Trials with Dylan (2012)

Emma Kesler, a very interested (and talented) pet owner in the breed in Vancouver, and a friend of both mine and Peggy's attended this agility event, took photos, and documented it on her own website blog.
CLICK HERE to go to Emma's Blog post about Peggy and Dylan at this event
(I highly recommend this blog, it is very well written - as all of Emma's blog articles are.  In fact, this blog is on my personal reading list).

And here are a few photos from Emma of 9 year old Dylan at this (by inviation only) National Agility Championship Trial event with his handler, and buddy, Peggy!

Dylan -- waiting to find out what Peggy wants him to do (in VERY hot weather!)

As a veteran, Dylan's jump height is lower than when he was younger
(for safety purposes)

He gets the same teeter-totter though!  And, he has no problem with it.

And, what he is very well known for (but what most people despise!) - the WEAVES!

This has been a lot of hard work for both Peggy and Dylan, but it sounds like it has been lot's of fun and she has met some really great people!  And, similar to my conformation showing, these are true team sports where you and your dog work together.  Peggy uses positive training methods and clicker training.  Please visit her website for more pictures, information and updates to what she and Dylan are doing!  The pictures and video clips are amazing! 

You'll also discover on her website that Dylan's not the only Black and Tan in the household - she also has an Airedale that is proving that both terrier breeds work well!

Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan doing agility doing jumps I really do encourage you to check out her website and these various dog sports.  Perhaps start with Rally-O, then try Agility and Earthdog ... if you get really motivated, then the official obedience training is also a great team dog sport!  And, of course, conformation showing is also a lot of fun and can be very rewarding.  If you are possibly interested in this area, please give me a call and we can talk about what is involved for trimming, presentation and travel.

Some say that terriers can't be trained - Peggy and Dylan prove that it IS possible!  Perhaps one of these dog sports would interest you?  Check out your local dog clubs to see what is available, people are usually more than happy to help newcomers. 

Peggy's Website:

Or click here for Dylan's Website

Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan with obedience award     Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan with obedience award

And, it's not all about the agility and obedience, this boy also knows how to relax at home and enjoy his walks!  :-)

Darwyn Welsh Terriers picture of Dylan Welsh Terrier and Annie Airedale lying together

Note:  All agililty pictures are from A Sharper Image.