Paisa had 6 puppies!
September 30, 2009

Sire:    Bill (NL. Dts.  Lux. Belg.  Se. Cro.  PL. Int.  Champion Bill of the New Husken)

Dam:    Paisa (Multi BIS Am & Can Champion Sanherpinc Paisa)

Paisa, our girl that we co-own with Mr. Bruce Schwartz of Los Angeles, California, came home to live with Michael and I in Canada at the end of June 2009.  The plan was that she would come into season, she would have puppies and she would go back to the (US) show ring to compete at The Welsh Terrier Club of America National Specialty at Montgomery County.  Well, you know how some plans go ...

When she came to Canada, we decided to show her until she came into season.  For the two weekends (6 days that she showed), she won the Terrier Group 4 times and got a Group 2 twice.  Not bad for a non-champion (in Canada), owner-handled, competing with Professional Handlers!  But, she is a very beautiful Welsh - very "typey", a wonderful mover, and since Wood & Jenny Wornall trained her for the previous year, she knew exactly what to "do" in the show ring ... I was just there along for the ride!  :-)

On her 2nd show weekend in Canada, she came into season!  Yippee!  Finally!  Oh - but the timing really wasn't our ideal.  She obviously wouldn't be going back to the US to be shown at the beginning of October for our National Specialty - as "if she took" (and I do every type of testing possible - so I know what the due date is going to be within a couple of days!) ... her puppies would be expected to be born on Montgomery Day!  How weird of timing is that?  Well, one thing was sure, she wouldn't be a contender at the Specialty as Bruce and I decided to bite the bullet and breed her since she was already very clearly the #1 Welsh Terrier in the US (and after 2 weekends in Canada, the #1 in Canada also!).  We decided to fly her to Amsterdam (Holland) and our breeder friend Bob took care of her for a week, bred her to his dog Bill and shipped her home to me.

Paisa wasn't very good about pregnancy ... she obviously wasn't feeling very well as she didn't want to eat.  I bought so many types of food, I think that the local pet store must have thought that I was crazy!  But, I did what all good mothers do and I put together various yummy meals and I hand fed her many days - so she got good food - she just made me work for it!

Then came the puppies - EARLY!  Sat, September 26 came around and Haley had 3 boy puppies, with a textbook delivery.  We were ready with the oxygen and all of our "stuff", but nothing needed.  And, we really weren't worried about Paisa because she wasn't due until the following weekend.  I decided to take her in on the Tuesday for an x-ray to see how many puppies there would be, and there were 6 and she was big!  But, again, not due until the following Sunday.  Well, those big (and lot's of them) puppies decided that they wouldn't wait - they were born the following day!  All I can say is thank goodness I had been sleeping  in our puppy room (on one of those air beds) for the previous week, so while we weren't prepared for Paisa to have her puppies yet, we were very "puppy prepared"!  Michael and I spent about 8 hours with Paisa, helping her with the delivery that day, and only leaving the room to go to the washroom and get juice or a bit of food.  We were not going to risk anything happening to these very special puppies!  And, everyone was just fine - all nice big healthy weights and Paisa, a first time mom, seemed to figure it out!  And, since then, while it has been a lot of work with all of these puppies here (13 in the house in total this fall!), it has been very rewarding type of work.  They are all turning out to be wonderful boys and girls, excellent temperaments, nice looking, get along really well and Paisa - just like my other girls - has proven to be a wonderful mom -- playing with all of the puppies here, hers and the others.

Now - onto the puppy pictures!  I have lots - I just need some time to get them up ... stay tuned as more will come up!

The header photo on this page is a photo of Paisa's puppies when they were 9 days old - we piled them up together, and surprisingly, they were pretty happy to stay that way for a few minutes!


Two of Paisa's boys - just over 8 weeks old ... had their first haircut!


Two of Paisa's boys - just over 8 weeks old (and just had their first haircut).  I had to put these photos in as I could not believe that all 4 photos, which were taken in a row of each other, have 2 boys completely synchronized!  If I would end up keeping both, they for sure would have to be entered in a BRACE class at a show one day!



One of these special Paisa puppies have already adopted a new family, his name is Grover.  You can read more about him and see lot's more pictures by clicking here!  Enjoy!