Zora's Puppies born at Darwyn:
American CH Zora Darwyn vom Granitfelsen

  • Zora's first litter born at Darwyn was sired by Mickey. There were 4 wonderful puppies - 2 boys, 2 girls
  • Maya now lives in North Carolina (US); Archie lives in Port Moody (BC), Monte lives in Okotoks (Alberta); and Darcy lives in Victoria (BC)

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Below are some fun photos that Larisa and Michael took while Zora's puppies were growing up here at Darwyn.

For our spring/summer 2016 litters, we followed the PUPPY CULTURE PROGRAM (click here for more details about Jane Killion's specialized, and quite intensive, program details) Over the years I had known about (and did) many of the elements of what was described in this program. It was not 100% new to me, but there were a few important things that were new to me. I followed most of the detailed program with my 2016 litters, pretty closely, and was thoroughly impressed with the results. I encouraged all of my new puppy owners to continue on with the work that Michael and I had already done, and from what I am seeing, it really has made a difference. The puppies were confident, outgoing, and very smart! Heck, the training that I had started with them as early as 4 weeks of age, really made a difference. Every puppy owner that I have followed-up with, is doing very well with their new family member. These puppies are growing up to be polite, happy, outgoing and confident (and super smart!) family members!

Unfortunately I was not in a position to keep a puppy from this litter, albeit 2 or 3 of them would have made excellent show dogs (and easy champions!). I am hoping that I will be in a position to do a repeat breeding. Now that I have seen 2 of the puppies as young adults - they are stunning to look at, with great temperaments, and as with most of my dogs, healthy.

Zora was a terrific mom, to both her puppies, and with puppies of the other mom that had puppies at a similar time period. We do plan on breeding Zora again.


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