Am. & Can. CH Darwyn's Secret Formula

* Multiple Best Puppy in Show Winner
* Group Placer

Sire:  MBIS & MBISS Am.Can.CH Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That (Joe)
Dam: BPIS Can CH Darwyn It's the Real Thing (Cola)
Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Coca (American & Canadian CH Darwyn's Secret Formula)
Finished her Canadian Championship as a puppy and her American Championship when she was just over 2 years old.
  • multiple Best Puppy in Groups
  • Best Puppy in Show
  • A few group placements

As a puppy, she 'singled out' for her American CH points, but no majors were available.

After a hiatus from the show ring waiting to mature, at 2.5 years of age she came back out and finished her US championship with 2 majors awarded in her first weekend shown.

Here's Coca in a new, but short coat and furnishings, when she finished her US championship.

Click here for Coca's pedigree (she is a Joe daughter and a Parker granddaughter)

Tested OFFA:  (OFA #WT-103G28F-VPI/0F-PI); click here for the public database :
Patella (normal); cardiac/heart (normal); PLL DNA - normal / clear; Hips / Hip x-ray (good); Elbows (normal); Legg-Calve-Perthes (normal); Thyroid (normal); Dentition (full / normal)

Coca is one of our special Joe & Cola daughters that were born on Canada Day (July 1).  One of Coca's sisters, Kaedae (Canadian CH Darwyn's Maple Leaf Forever), now lives in Japan with Mrs. Iguchi.  She was named Kaedae since Mrs. Iguchi wanted a Canadian theme for her name.  Kaedae is the Japanese word for Maple Leaf.

Here are a few fun photos of Coca at home with Michael and Larisa:

In the show ring:
We showed Coca while she was a puppy and she did very well on both sides of the border.  She finished her Canadian championship with a few Best Puppy in Group and Show awards, and a few group placements.  A very memorable award was when Mrs. Polly Smith, a past Welsh Terrier breeder and current WTCA member, awarded her a Best Puppy in Group at a large show!

Coca 'singled out' during that same year in the US, but no majors were available.  One of her important US awards was winning Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex at the Washington State Welsh Terrier Specialty (2014). 

When I brought her back out to the US show rings at 2.5 years of age, Coca finished the first weekend out!  Those that remembered her as a puppy could not believe the transformation!  But, that's what happens with so many of our welsh, they are thin as youngsters and then they body up and mature as they reach 2 or 2.5+ years of age.

Coca is conditioned and trimmed by her breeder/owner, Larisa Hotchin. She has been presented in the show ring by her breeder/owner (Larisa), and a couple of professional handlers.

Coca at home:
Coca loves her people!  With other dogs though, Coca is a dominant girl ... she gets this honestly ... just like her mom (Cola), who is just like her mom (Paisa) in this regards.  This is very typical for many Welsh Terrier females.  But, once she lets the male dog know that she is  'in charge', she then mostly ignores them, but gets along with them very well after this.

On a walk, she notices everything, but she is very happy and is very easy to walk on a loose lead.  She loves to play fetch if you are willing to play with her, but her life is not driven by toys and balls - she enjoys them, but she is, as we say, very food motivated!  Unlike many Welsh Terriers, Coca does not destroy toys soon after getting them.

Inside the home, Coca loves to snuggle and is super easy to hang out with.  Her favorite spot is to curl up on the back of the couch.  While she loves to go for a walk, truly, Coca's favorite time of the day is being curled up on the couch or in 'her' chair.  If she is with or near her 'peoples' that is even better for her!  If you are busy working, she doesn't pester you.  But, when you have time to give her, she is very happy to give you her time and loves to be with you.

Coca is now retired, and was spayed after she had her 2nd successful and healthy litter in 2018.  Her first litter, born in 2016, was 4 boys, of which I placed them in great pet homes.  I wasn't in a position to grow up another boy at that time.  For Coca's second litter, 2 of the 5 puppies are growing up as prospective show dogs, one in California and one at our home. 

In June 2018, I started the process to find Coca a loving forever companion pet home.

Here are a few photos of Coca's awards in the show ring.

In the show ring:
Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex Washington State Welsh Terrier Specialty (US);
August 2014; 1 yr old
Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Best Puppy in Group, breeder judge, Mrs. Polly Smith (US);
9 months old; presented by Larisa Hotchin
Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Best Puppy in Group, Mr. Peter Machen, judge
Presented by Larisa Hotchin
Darwyn Welsh Terriers
Best Puppy in Show, Lee Ann Bateman, judge
Presented by Michelle Yeadon

Coca at her first show as a junior puppy:

Coca as a puppy at home with Michael and Larisa:


Coca's first show done, as a junior puppy. Larisa was a very proud breeder-owner-handler that day since a US breeder-judge awarded her Best Puppy in Group!