Our Champion Welsh Terriers (to Nov 2019)

To date 47 Champions ...

  • Top winning Best in Show Welsh Terrier in Canadian history (Joe)
  • 8 different welsh that are Best in Show / Reserve Best in Show Winners (all but one was bred by Darwyn)
  • 7 different welsh that are Best in Show Winners
  • 19 different welsh that are Group Winners
  • 17 Welsh Terrier Club of America (WTCA) Specialty Winners of which 3 are Best of Breed winners at a WTCA Specialty!
  • 2 AKC Invitational / now AKC National (was Eukanuba, now Royal Canin) Winners, of which 1 was BOB (2009) and another was awarded an Award of Excellence as well as a Best Bred-By Exhibitor in the breed (2011)
  • 29 AKC Champions (US) & 33 CKC Champions (Canada)
  • 21 are BOTH American & Canadian Champions
  • 7 AKC Grand Champions (all bred by Darwyn)
  • 41 of the 47 Champions are bred by Darwyn
  • 1 Obedience (& Rally-O & Agility) Champion
  • 1 English Champion (Becky)
  • 1 Australian Champion (Parker)
  • 1 German & Switzerland Champion (MJ)
  • 1 Denmark Champion (Walter)
  • 1 Brazilian Champion (Zorro)

And, something I am particularly proud of, for 2011 & 2012, my dog Joe, was one of Canada's top 10 dogs among all breeds after winning 29 Best in Shows (28 in Canada and 1 in the US that year)!

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I have been involved since 1999, when I bought my first show prospect from England (Honey).  I had my first litter born in 2001, since then, on average had 1 litter a year (some years none and a some years 2 or more). 

Most of my dogs have finished their championships in very good competition that we have travelled (significant travel across the continent) for, both within the breed as well as within very competitive terrier group compeition. 

I specifically try to make it out to shows that are either tough competitively (at the terrier group level or at the breed level in the US).  I use handlers, sometimes for specific things -- either I cannot get to a show, I want to watch at our National Specialty and really see the other dogs, or the dogs are finished champions and being campaigned.  In general, the vast majority of my dogs have had some of their Canadian and American CH points earned with me owner-handling them (and of course, I do all of the hand-stripping and conditioning of those dogs).  This cannot always be done, but I still find this to be an important aspect of who I am within this hobby/sport.

An important thing for me is that the vast majority of my champions have been pointed, or received their majors, with me trimming and handling them.  Early on, I must admit, that some of my champions are in spite of me - not because of my skills.